Beast Burger at the Bay Horse in York

I was in York the other week and spotted this challenge at the Bay Horse Pub in York

The Beast Burger is back!
Now available and better than ever!

2x 12oz beefburgers, 2 Southern fried chicken breasts 3 rashers of smoked bacon, 6 slices of beef tomato, sliced onion & salad, 9 melted cheese slices, Ranch sauce, burger mustard, burger sauce & ketchup.

All wrapped up in a lump of bread!

Served with a boat load of American style fries

All yours for FREE if you can eat the lot within 45 minutes

Fail the challenge and costs you £17.95…. Bargain!


Photo from facebook.

I would have had a go myself but on Sundays they only do the carvery so I couldn’t have a go. Looking at the stats though, I’d have probably failed it.

2013-10-20 15.52.27 (Large)

15 attempts and no winner yet. Last time they did it, it took 84 attempts to defeat it.

If you want to have a go here are the details

Bay Horse Fulford
105 Main St,
North Yorkshire
YO10 4PN
Phone:01904 633384

check out the facebook page too.

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