Be on the Telly

I got this email from a lady called Milly.

My name is Milly I am a producer working for an independent production company in London called Pulse Films.

I am working on the development of a new cross platform project called Follow Me trying to source some fab new talent for the show and I was wondering if you knew anyone that may be interested or alternatively you were interested yourself.

Here is a link to our Tumblr site:

It’s a new project exploring how we share our lives and our dreams with friends and followers online. Sites like Kickstarter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram let us share our creative talent, and sometimes turns the spark of a crazy idea into a real-life project.

The Follow Me Project will follow 6 crazy ideas as they go from half-baked thoughts to epic projects, building an audience of followers and collaborators as they go.

We are looking for 6 individuals/pairs/teams who have a creative idea they want to develop with the assistance of their online and television audience. Their attempts to complete this project will be streamed online and an edited show will be broadcast on Channel 4 over fours weeks.

We are looking for winning personalities who will be able to hold the audiences attention for four weeks and create an army of fans and followers.


Its not really for me this. I think I’ll be knocking these challenges on the head sooner or later. If you have a crazy idea though, fill in the form and you could be on TV.

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