Akbar’s Chef’s Challenge Sheffield

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I have actually done the Akbar’s Chef Challenge before in York.  Akbar’s is a chain or franchise.  They have them in a few cities in the north.  I was looking forward to tackling this one again.

The challenge is

Chicken, Lamb keema and potatoes cooked in the famous Akbar’s balti sauce served with naan and pilau rice. If one can finish this challenge alone you will qualify for a free dessert.

I went last night with my friend, Danny. As I have done the challenge before I was expecting a naan bread the size of this.

Picture from Missie Cindz

so was very disappointed when it came.

curry-start-600 (Custom)

Just a normal size curry, rice and naan. I polished it off in less than 10 minutes and probably could have eaten the same again. Not much of a challenge. Even my friend Danny finished it in the same time as me.

I was a bit tipsy at this stage and went up to the manager to complain. He was very nice about the whole thing, saying it was quality over quantity. Its true, it was a great curry but you don’t do the chef’s challenge for the nice food. When it came to paying he gave us one of the meals for free so that worked out well.

He did say come back another day and he’ll do a challenge I can’t complete. No doubt he could but he really should be making sure the chef’s challenge is actually challenging. I’ll probably go back one day to see if the challenge has been beefed up but for now, I can’t recommend the Akbar’s Chef Challenge in Sheffield because its not challenging at all.

Please note, this is from the Akbar’s on West Street in Sheffield City Centre. There is another Akbar’s in Rotherham which is really close to Sheffield. That one looks like it serves the giant naan with the Chef’s Challenge and if you can make it out there, then I’d recommend that. Meadowbank Road, Rotherham, S61 2N Akbar’s Rotherham Menu,


I have found out that the Akbar’s on West Street is nothing to do with the chain Akbar’s from Bradford. Its actually called Downtown Akbar’s. They do a Chef’s Challenge but there is no mention of a free dessert on their menu.

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