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This purpose of this site is to list all the eating challenges in the UK.  While searching on Google for eating challenges, there are very few sites that provide this information and a lot look outdated.

My aim is to collate all the information on this site and tackle some of the doable ones.  I am based in Sheffield so I’ll be doing challenges around the local area mainly. I’ll be blogging about my experiences and giving tips on how to complete the challenges.  I am a big fan of Man vs Food and would love to have Adam Richman’s job.

If you have any comments/ information on eating challenges, please use the form below or email ben@eatingchallenges.co.uk

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Hi everyone,

Since March 2016, I have picked up writing for this blog from Ben. Currently I am trying to complete the challenges and competitions available in London and the surrounding area. In this blog I will share my experiences of doing these challenges. I aim to post every two weeks (hey, got to give the body some time to rest and shed the weight). Got a challenge you want me to try/ hosting a competition/ want to treat me to a meal (worth a shot :D)/ or just want to share your experiences and/or give suggestions, then email me at:  andrey_eats@yahoo.com


Bit about me: a twenty-something guy with a passion for food, travel, contemplating life, and finding the best in people. I like to combine my interests; you can often find me exploring various food markets around London, seeing the city and tasting what it has to offer.


Site admin notes: Be nice. Plain and simple. Slander of restaurants or other users in the comments will be removed. The world has enough violence and  hate as it is, lets be civil and not contribute any more to it.


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