30 Wings at Man Vs Food 3

Recently I returned to Man vs Food.


After having previously taken on their Belly Buster, I decided it was time to take another off the list. Today’s choice was either the 30 Wings Challenge or the 3 Little Pigs (3 racks of ribs + sides).


Since there may be an upcoming wing event, I decided to use the opportunity to practice a little by taking on the wings. The challenge consists of 30 big Buffalo wings. You have the choice of Frank’s Red Hot sauce, Dr Pepper BBQ glaze, or half and half. If you win, you get the meal free, a T-shirt and £50. If you lose, you pay £50. 30 minutes to complete.

30 wings

30 wings, I mean how hard could it be, one minute per wing. Well, pretty tough it turns out. These are not your standard sized wings. I knew they were big, but these were some meaty wings. In my previous wings challenge I did the lot in the time it took me to get through a pair of these.


Since eating a large quantity of any food gets boring, I went with half and half to help mix up the flavours. I went for 5 of each flavour at a time to keep things mixed up. My approach was simple, break them in half in to the drum and wing portions and do my best to clean them fast. No forks or knives here, it was time to go full animal and use my hands. Needless to say, a messy experience.


At first, it was easy going. The meat came off the bones easily, the taste was great and thing were looking good. The hot wings weren’t that spicy, but had a good flavour. The BBQ was sweeter than I expected, but it was a nice contrast. However, by about half way I was starting to get quite bored of the flavours. The BBQ wings had become overly sweet at this point. Plus, I waited a bit too long to start and the wings had cooled down substantially by this point, making it harder to get the meat off the bones. As I learnt previously, wings are much easier to eat fast when they are hot (but not so hot that they burn you).


I pushed on towards the end. The fast pace at the start was enough for me to comfortably coast to the finish in a time of 23 minutes. Not a great time for me, but well within the time limit to win the challenge comfortably. I tried to drink as little water as possible, but if you want to get them down quicker, I recommend using liquids to help. Lesson learnt, eat your wings hot. They taste better and go down easier. As mentioned, the wings were good, but like with any food, eating a lot of it gets boring pretty fast. Something to keep in mind for people wishing to do single food challenges. My advice would be to mix things up with flavoured beverages.


Once again, check this place out, whilst soon moving, they can still be found at:

42 Syon Lane

Isleworth, London



It’s a fun experience and would be a good laugh for you to do with a group of friends. My friends for one were shell shocked to see me go through that many wings, but hey, sometimes you have to embrace the animal inside.


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  2. Reply TheRealFoodSavage Aug 29,2017 12:53 pm

    Great challenge as wings are my favourite smashed this one In 20mins definitely one my my favs

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