3 Little Piggies at Man vs Food

Once again, we return to Man Vs Food.


I wanted to defeat the final of their three large challenges. Having taken down their Belly Buster and the 30 Wings, it was time to take on the ‘3 Little Piggies’.


This challenge consists of:

  • 3 Full size racks of Dr Pepper glazed ribs
  • A side portion of fries
  • A side portion of coleslaw – we need to stay healthy with vegetables after all


(This is 3 challenges…I forgot to take a before picture. Oops, in my defence I love ribs, so was excited to start.)

If you manage to beat this in 30 minutes, the meal is free, you win a T-shirt and £50. If you fail, you must pay the price of £50 and wear the toilet seat for your photo to adorn the wall of shame.


I did not intend to join the wall of shame. Especially not to a ribs challenge, one of my favourite foods.


When I attempted it, the ribs were stacked on top of each other. This was great since it kept the bottom layers hot. Thus, as I went along I would remove a portion to let the ribs underneath cool a bit before I would get to them.


What can I say about the ribs other than they were…. Awesome. I was surprised. Nice and tender, they came off the bone easily. My only gripe with them was the sweetness of the Dr. Pepper sauce. Now, I am not the biggest fan of sweet sauces, but it was nice for the first rack. After that, it was a bit too sickly for me. Still, the meat made up for it. Another thing I noticed was that there was a lot of cartilage. I quite like it, but it also meant my progress was a bit slow since it took more chewing than the meat. Overall, I really enjoyed the first two and a bit racks. By the end though, you can get tired of even food you like. In addition, with mostly meat challenges, you start to feel it after a while since it sits quite heavily in your stomach. Eventually, all good things end. The ribs were gone and I just had to finish off the chips and slaw to win.


The portions of chips and slaw are actually rather forgiving, only a single serving of each. Nothing special there, standard, which, I liked at the end. It was nice to mix things up and you do not want any surprises towards the end of challenges. I made short work of it, finishing the whole challenge in around 18.30.  I highly recommend this challenge. It is a lot, but quite doable if you are hungry.


The branch I did it at is currently (October) closed for refurbishment, but fear not! They have opened an even bigger venue recently where all you brave challenges may go and experience this for yourself:

41-43 Hounslow Highstreet





As for me… I think the only challenges I have left here at the moment are a massive hot dog and 3lbs of ice cream (and spicy wings, but that might as well not exist for me, not touching those even with a bargepole).


Have you been to Man vs Food or done any crazy challenges? Have any suggestions? Let me know below.



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