Big ol’ Belly Buster 4

Big ol' Belly Buster
Recently I went to Man Vs Food in London. The place has eating challenges at its core, even the non-challenge meals are outlandish creations you would expect to see at US fairs, e.g. they do a Krispy Kreme burger, that despite sounding strange is actually good. For the less adventurous, they do ribs and steaks. ...

Burger Bear’s Picnic

Burger Bear's Picnic
I wanted my first burger challenge to be just that, a burger challenge. No extra sides, no milkshakes, and especially, no heaping piles of chips to get through. Just me versus the burger. So, I was delighted to come across this culinary beauty, the Burger Bear’s Picnic: A multi-patty tower of awesome. Five layers of ...