Street Food Chef Burrito Challenge 2

Street Food Chef Burrito Challenge
This was an interesting challenge which I seriously underestimated. The Street Food Chef is an independent Mexican cafe in Sheffield. To do the challenge you have to go their Arundel Street location. Here’s the challenge Eat a 3.5lb burrito, no time limit and get your picture on the wall of fame, else you end up ...

Akbar’s Chef’s Challenge Sheffield

Akbar's Chef's Challenge Sheffield
*********UPDATED*************** See below I have actually done the Akbar’s Chef Challenge before in York.  Akbar’s is a chain or franchise.  They have them in a few cities in the north.  I was looking forward to tackling this one again. The challenge is Chicken, Lamb keema and potatoes cooked in the famous Akbar’s balti sauce served ...

Devastator Burger Challenge – Hoxton London 1

Devastator Burger Challenge - Hoxton London
This is the food challenge that actually sparked the idea of taking up competitive eating. I’d read about the challenge online and seen a few people attempt it on Youtube. I was down in London for a conference and figured I could do it one lunch time. Daily Mail article on the Devastator Challenge. The ...